[MPlayer-users] One last appeal for help with RealMedia files

John Brown johnbrown105 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 22 04:38:27 CET 2005

Was not the proper respect shown to the Expert Ones? Doth mine humble 
origins in the land of Newbia offend Them? Are mine posts disappearing into 
the ether? Have I bad breath?

Verily, even a blast of dragon breath wouldst be preferable to this stony 
silence. For behold! I have cried in the wilderness 6 days and 6 nights 
(give or take), but in vain. It is written that there were others before me 
who waited for a sign 40 days and 40 nights , perhavs even 40 years, but the 
prophets had only donkeys and camels, and the pace of life was slower in 
those days.

It is true that I didst not offer a fatted calf, or even a goat, but only 
voluminous information which is mostly meaningless to sinners and the 

If mine plight doth move the Expert Ones, please see the posts entitled 
"MPlayer/MEncoder crash on particular RealPlayer rmvb files"

Thank you.

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