[MPlayer-users] Feature Request: Avi-embedded subtitle playbakc [DirectVobSub port or something similar?]

John Parris john at parrisconsulting.net
Fri May 20 19:42:51 CEST 2005

One of the only huge problems I have with Mplayer thus far is its 
inability to playback subtitles that are embedded in avi files (that on 
windows systems usually have to be played back with DirectVobSub) -- 
rather than forcing users that have these files to manually extract the 
subtitles and save to a SRT or SUB file, can support for this kind of 
playback be added?
I can assure you that many in the Linux-users community would rejoice at 
that-- and the fallout benefits would extend to third-party projects 
that incorporate MPlayer like Xbox Media Center.

I personally have hundreds of avi files that as of now I can only 
playback on my windows boxes as a result of the failure of MPlayer in 
this regard.  Simply not willing to alter the nature of my files 
(extracting the subtitles and saving them seperately or putting the avi 
into a mkv or ogm that has a subtitle track) just so I can get software 
compatibility in Linux.  Any help would be great, and if I can do 
anything, let me know.

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