[MPlayer-users] MPEG4-ES+RTP+MPlayer

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Thu May 19 08:49:43 CEST 2005

Andrey wrote:

>Good day.
>I have problem with Mplayer(0pre7) or with my hand :-) and want to ask
>can mplayer play over RTP MPEG4-ES stream (video only of course) ?
>If it can't how play MPEG4-ES stream with enother method ?
>I use VP3 board (http://www.vitecmm.com/product.php?id=32) and develop
>for  it  video  server.  When  encoder create MPEG4(elementary stream)
>frames  i add RTP header and sent it to network (don't use RTCP). Then
>i try to view this stream with Mplayer:
>1. #mplayer.exe rtp://
>player show nothing.
>Playing rtp://
>Connected to server:
>Stream not seekable!
>2. #mplayer.exe -dumpstream rtp://
>player of course dont show anything
>and then i try view <stream.dump>
>#mplayer.exe stream.dump
>in this case player show all right.
>3. #mplayer.exe sdp://channel.sdp
>m=video 33700/2 RTP/AVP 98
>a=rtpmap:98 MP4V-ES/90000
>a=fmtp:98 profile-level-id=1;config=000001b003000001b509000001010000012000
>Stream not seekable!
>In case simple UDP sending when all frames created by encoder i simply
>send in UDP socket and then
>#mplayer.exe udp://
>is not work to, in result:
>Stream not seekable!
>All the best!

it should work in both cases, infact I remember I used it last year.
The problem here  is that mplayer couldn't seek.
I fixed it using -cache 4096, but smaller values should be enough.
Notice that I used udp, not rtp, but it shoouldn't make a difference.


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