[MPlayer-users] Bug regarding MultiBitRate streams

Anders Lind lists at iolife.dk
Wed May 18 12:49:16 CEST 2005


Sorry for nagging you again. I just wonder if somebody would be kind to
look at this problem or has this already happened?

A small resume: The problem is that mplayerplug-in relies on mplayer to
playback the streams from webpages. The bug is that mms:// links for
multibitrate streams is plaied back in the lowest quality whereas
shifting from mms:// to http:// makes the stream be plaied back in the
highest quality. Since mplayerplug-in doesn't know whether it is a
multibitrate stream or not I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to
fix this bug in mplayer?
Examples of this bug is given in the former posting just below.

Kind regards and thank you for your help!

Anders Lind

man, 16 05 2005 kl. 13:45 +0200, skrev Anders Lind:
> Hi
> I would like to report this bug, which I think is a mplayer bug.
> 1) If you play back e.g. from http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/?top=true in the
> gray box in the upper most right corner "Radioavisen Hør Seneste" which
> has the link
> http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/html/nyheder/asx/uge/SenesteFM.asx 
> mplayer takes the following link from the asx-file:
> mms://WMS.dr.dk/storage/auto/Nyheder/Radioavisen/Uge/16052005_ravis_mandag_12_00.wma
> , and plays this MultiBitRate stream back with 20 kbit/s
> If I however changes the mms:// with http:// like this:
> mplayer
> http://WMS.dr.dk/storage/auto/Nyheder/Radioavisen/Uge/16052005_ravis_mandag_12_00.wma
> , mplayer plays back the stream back in 64 kbit/s
> Another problem regarding mms:// vs http:// is the following example
> regarding video clips from DR:
> >From http://www.dr.dk/rabatten/arkiv.htm you will find several clips
> If you try the first link "Maj, 11 Se udsendelsen" it has the link
> http://www.dr.dk/rabatten/AZX/uds17-05.asx
> , you will notice that the mms:// link
> ( mms://wms.dr.dk/storage/forbrug/Livsstil/Rabatten/rabatten_17.wmv )
> plays back in low video and audio(12 kbit/s) quality, but when you
> change the link from mms:// to http:// you will gain better audio(48
> kbit/s) and video quality.
> I have tried using the -bandwidth option, but without any luck to make
> the mms:// streams use the full 64 kbit/s stream like:
> mplayer -bandwidth 100000
> mms://WMS.dr.dk/storage/auto/Nyheder/Radioavisen/Uge/16052005_ravis_mandag_12_00.wma
> I use mplayer 1.0pre7 and mplayerplug-in that depends on mplayer.
> I thought of reporting this bug to the author, Kevin DeKorte, of
> mplayerplug-in first, but since I think this is a general problem I will
> try here first instead of letting Kevin make a switch to change mms://
> into http:// .
> 2) A second minor question is how do I tell mplayer to play back a
> MultiBitRate stream with a particular bitrate. The one from DR makes it
> possible to play back audio in 20 kbit/s, 32 kbit/s and 64 kbit/s
> qualities.
> ( http://www.dr.dk/netradio/netradiohelp_direkte.shtml <-- here the
> stream links have http:// protocol beginnings), but however always plays
> back in 64 kbit/s.
> I cannot find an option in the manual of mplayer that forces mplayer to
> play back a particular stream, however using e.g. mplayer -bandwidth
> 25000 it forces mplayer to use the 20 kbit/s stream and -bandwidth 40000
> makes it use 32 kbit/s and finally e.g. -bandwith 100000 makes it use 64
> kbit/s. However is there a particular option for selecting a particular
> (sub?)stream of the MultiBitRate stream?
> Kind regards
> Anders Lind
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