[MPlayer-users] Bug regarding MultiBitRate streams

Anders Lind lists at iolife.dk
Mon May 16 13:45:38 CEST 2005


I would like to report this bug, which I think is a mplayer bug.

1) If you play back e.g. from http://www.dr.dk/nyheder/?top=true in the
gray box in the upper most right corner "Radioavisen Hør Seneste" which
has the link

mplayer takes the following link from the asx-file:

, and plays this MultiBitRate stream back with 20 kbit/s

If I however changes the mms:// with http:// like this:


, mplayer plays back the stream back in 64 kbit/s

Another problem regarding mms:// vs http:// is the following example
regarding video clips from DR:
>From http://www.dr.dk/rabatten/arkiv.htm you will find several clips
If you try the first link "Maj, 11 Se udsendelsen" it has the link

, you will notice that the mms:// link
( mms://wms.dr.dk/storage/forbrug/Livsstil/Rabatten/rabatten_17.wmv )
plays back in low video and audio(12 kbit/s) quality, but when you
change the link from mms:// to http:// you will gain better audio(48
kbit/s) and video quality.

I have tried using the -bandwidth option, but without any luck to make
the mms:// streams use the full 64 kbit/s stream like:
mplayer -bandwidth 100000

I use mplayer 1.0pre7 and mplayerplug-in that depends on mplayer.
I thought of reporting this bug to the author, Kevin DeKorte, of
mplayerplug-in first, but since I think this is a general problem I will
try here first instead of letting Kevin make a switch to change mms://
into http:// .

2) A second minor question is how do I tell mplayer to play back a
MultiBitRate stream with a particular bitrate. The one from DR makes it
possible to play back audio in 20 kbit/s, 32 kbit/s and 64 kbit/s
( http://www.dr.dk/netradio/netradiohelp_direkte.shtml <-- here the
stream links have http:// protocol beginnings), but however always plays
back in 64 kbit/s.

I cannot find an option in the manual of mplayer that forces mplayer to
play back a particular stream, however using e.g. mplayer -bandwidth
25000 it forces mplayer to use the 20 kbit/s stream and -bandwidth 40000
makes it use 32 kbit/s and finally e.g. -bandwith 100000 makes it use 64
kbit/s. However is there a particular option for selecting a particular
(sub?)stream of the MultiBitRate stream?

Kind regards

Anders Lind

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