[MPlayer-users] OT question - Video-Streaming - how?

Rainer Hantsch office at hantsch.co.at
Thu May 12 14:54:01 CEST 2005

On Thu, 12 May 2005, Rich Felker wrote:

| > I see the following options:

| > a) The last point seems to be the most problematic one. I (for myself)
| > would prefer DivX4 files, because mencoder can produce them easily and
| > they have both: good quality and small size.
| This is idiotic. Divx4 is the worst mpeg4 encoder. If you want to use
| mpeg4, use a GOOD ENCODER, i.e. lavc or xvid.

Possibly you are right, but I use DivX4 since >2 years meanwhile, and it
works fine for me (recording TV for my own in full PAL), so I didn't look very
much on other alternatives....

| > b) Another option is using .mpg files. This is a little bit more
| > problematic, because SuSE doesn't have a really working codec library.
| > It can decode,
| Huh? What does SuSE have to do with encoding? Use mencoder to encode..

Well, doesn't mencoder use mjepeglib or something like that? If it does, it
won't work, because SuSE (had at least in older versions) cannot ENcode with
it. (This is from SuSE 8.0, possibly something has changed meanwhile, I never
checked that out again, I simply switched to DivX.

| >    but not encode. So this requires more work and also gives much bigger
| >    files.
| No, file size is something you pick. It will be lower quality at a
| given fixed filesize, but not so bad if you use a good encoder (lavc)
| and options.

So lavc is able to encode into MPEG by itself? I can't believe that. ;-)

Could you please leave me an example command line for building example files
out from an existing DivX or vob file (this is what I currently have at hands
as sources)...? The result should be some kind of .MPG.

| > c) I could try to produce MPEG4 files, but I have no experience if (and
| > how)
| Do you mean mpeg4 video, or .mp4 (quicktime) container?

Phew -- confusion! I assume the first one.

| >    mencoder can do that, how the filesize is, ... If I understood right,
| >    this file format (as well as an .mpg file = MPEG2 ?) should
| >    automatically
| .mpg is normally mpeg1. mpeg2 can be used too, but WMP won't play it.
| BTW, WMP won't play mpeg4 without additional codecs either.

So I should prefer MPEG1.

| >    play while it is still downloading. Would appear similar to a stream, but
| >    without a stream's disadvantages.
| Why not use wmv? ffmpeg can make wmv files using the wmv1 codec. These
| compress fairly well and play on an "out of the box" windows system.

Yes. But I do not favorize things that work only on Windows (or only with
problems on other platforms). -> I prefer Linux, but in this case, I must also
make it possible for Windoze...


  Ing. Rainer Hantsch

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