[MPlayer-users] A bug with -audiofile and some feature suggestions

lynx.abraxas at freenet.de lynx.abraxas at freenet.de
Sat May 7 00:14:04 CEST 2005

Hello everybody!

First  of  all  I  want  to  thank  the  MPlayer  folks  for the absolutly great
I noticed that since the version pre4 mplayers -audifile option is  not  working
on  my  system  any  more  with  seperate  ogg-audio-files,  with pre3 it played
perfectly. Since then I get the fowllowing with:

mplayer foo.avi -audiofile bar.ogg

The audio is played correctly but the viedo is shown like in benchmarking  mode.
It's  just displaying the pictures without a delay. I could get it to work under
my SuSE with this command:

mplayer foo.avi -audiofile bar.ogg -audio-demuxer 25

This uses the xmms audio demuxer. Under my LFS I don't have xmms and I'd  prefer
mplayer  to  do  it  on  its  own.  Adding  -fps 25 , -audiofile-cache 50 ,  -ao
oss/alsa or -cache didn't help either.

Secondly I would be interested in how the mplayer normalizer works. What  period
is it taking for normalization? Can I influence it?

Lastly  I  would  find  it  useful  if  mplayer  would  be  able  to use chapter
information of ogm-files like that produced from dvdxchap.
And if possible also instant audio track switching for  ogm-files  with  multipl
audio streams like # does for DVDs.

Thanks a lot

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