[MPlayer-users] Re: No picture when playing VSoft's H.264 demo clips

Haakon Riiser haakon.riiser at fys.uio.no
Tue May 3 17:10:49 CEST 2005


> Haakon Riiser <haakon.riiser <at> fys.uio.no> writes:
>> Just tried some of the demo clips available at
>> <http://www.vsofts.com/h264/videoclips.html
>> and none of them produced a picture, just a black display.
>> Should it have worked?
> It was broken for me as well.
> solution was the following
> [...]
> test samples (all types seemed to playback) 

Thanks for figuring this out!  But if this is going into the next
mplayer version and the next binary codec pack, then I'll just wait
for that rather than following the procedure you just described.

The only reason I tried out VSoft's clips was that I wanted to see
for myself how good H.264 was, and VSoft was among the first hits on
Google when I searched for demo clips.  There's no rush. :-)


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