[MPlayer-users] Setting geometry of output window does not work

Thomas Zangl - Mobil mobil at tzis.net
Mon May 2 22:25:01 CEST 2005

Am Mon, 2 May 2005 15:11:43 -0500, schrieb "Kichigai Mentat" <kichigai at comcast.net>:


>Probably because MPlayer and Xine are different programs? Try -vf  
>scale=(Insert X dimension here):(Insert Y dimension here)

You are right but xine´s man page says:
-G, --geometry <WxH[+X+Y]>
              You can set video output size and position using the X like geometry (see X(7)).  X and Y offset are optional.

Mplayer´s man page says:
-geometry x[%][:y[%]] or [WxH][+x+y]
 Adjust where the output is on the screen initially.  The x and y specifications are in pixels measured from the top-left of the screen to  the  top-
 left  of the image being displayed, however if a percentage sign is given after the argument it turns the value into a percentage of the screen size
 in that direction.  It also supports the standard option format to the standard X -geometry option.  The values given must be integers.
 NOTE: This option is only supported by vo x11, xmga, xv, xvmc, xvidix, directx and tdfxfb.

So, both are equally the same? I do not want to scale the image, but I
want to have a top-left offset because I have to overscan the picture
to get a real good fullscreen tvout. 

Any idea how todo this? 
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