[MPlayer-users] Long-time TV recording to DivX/AVI?

Rainer Hantsch office at hantsch.co.at
Fri Mar 25 17:09:58 CET 2005

On Fri, 25 Mar 2005, RC wrote:

| On Fri, 25 Mar 2005 08:12:23 +0100 (CET)
| Rainer Hantsch <office at hantsch.co.at> wrote:
| a) It needs twice the space only for a very short time.
| b) It does not take much time. It's as fast as your hard drive can write the
| file to disk.

It is simply unneseccary. No emergency and that I could not live with my
workaround, but it's nasty. nothing else, and could be solved by a little new
option like "--maxfilesize 2000M", if implemented. You understand what I mean?

| > The result is that every video then is heavily out of sync.
| I've never had any problem.  You aren't using VBR audio are you?

No, never I'd do so. I use CBR audio + VBR video.

| > I also tried to use mencoder to re-index files that cannot be played,
| > because I terminated recording of mencoder (running in background) with
| > "killall -HUP mencoder".
| You can terminate mencoder more nicely in the future.

-> Good idea! :D   Wouldn't it be a good idea to implement "--maxfilesize"
hereby, too?

| > The same. I record usually with 1 second interval of keyframes, the
| > result of repairing this is for trash.
| What's wrong with it?

Well, I recorded from VideoTape to disk. Because I can do that only "blind", I
cannot see when the movie is on its end. So I start recording with a long
time, surely long enough.
In parallel, I used xine to play the file to see where the movie is. Also no

Now I saw that the movie is finished long before the programmed end, so I
decided to do a "killall -HUP mencoder".
The result was a playable file, but avidemux said it is damaged (didn't open
it. So I did a re-indexing and the result could be opened (but
backwards-positioning didn't work), Video/Audio was heavily out of sync, ,,,,
so I finally threw the file away and recorded again from tape.

| >  Instead, I must cut out first every interesting part one by one and then
| > - finally - paste them together.
| It sounds like you are editing backwards for some reason (or perhaps I don't
| understand what you are trying to say).  You should be setting A-B marks
| around the areas you don't want to save, and delete them.  Then you have all
| the pieces you want, together.

Oh! I am able to mark parts to be deleted, too? I always thought that I can
only use "A"-"B" to mark what I want to store into a new file! :-/
Ok, my fault. Now I also understand your confusion.

So I repeatedly mark those sections and delete them until I am finished, and
THEN I say "save"?

I remember some Windoze Program which allowed (in its GUI) to set multiple
start-stop ranges. Then you were able to klick "play" and you saw only the
marked areas as when they would be cut&pasted already. So you were able to
choose exactly (down to frame level) what should be kept without actually
changing the original file, store a separate "resulting file" and test if the
cut-points are perfect. And I could repeat positioning the markers as often as
I wanted until I was satisfied.
This is not possible with avidemux, I guess, but will this come soon?


  Ing. Rainer Hantsch

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