[MPlayer-users] Ripping dvd with DTS audio

Michael Iatrou m.iatrou at freemail.gr
Thu Mar 24 01:22:45 CET 2005

When the date was Thursday 24 March 2005 02:05, Vladimir Mosgalin wrote:

>  On 2005.03.24 at 00:59:33 +0200, Michael Iatrou wrote next:
> > They don't make 640k AC-3 for the same reason most people don't even
> > think to create 512kbps mp3s: AC-3 and mp3 are lossy codecs/algorithms,
> > designed for a very specific range of bitrates. So, an 640k AC-3 is just
> > Bad Idea(TM).
> You are right, but don't forget that by "512kbps mp3" you probably mean
> stereo file, while ac3 has 5 separate channels + small lfe channel...
> That makes real difference.

No, two stereo channels are _very_ different from six soundtrack channels. in 
the second case, there are a lot of things you can do to manage the bitrate 
for optimal quality.

> 640k ac3 is used for dolby cinemas. Maybe its quality won't be ideal,
> but at least it would be closer to 768k dts than 384k ac3 one...

Don't forget that DTS goes up to 1536k (AFAIK) and that makes all the 

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