[MPlayer-users] Newbie? Playing DVD's on Mplayer

newsgrabber at poczta.onet.pl newsgrabber at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Mar 21 23:53:26 CET 2005

> I just happened to right click
> on the screen while these were playing and got a menu, amongst other things
> to open DVD. 
> I just think it would be nice for those migrating from Windows if
> there was a nice little HOW-TO 

come on! right click and context menu is something microsoft is especially 
proud about! how could you forget!

i'm just kidding. to tell you the truth, i discovered it myself pretty 
late :-) 

but the problem is somewhere else: what we are mostly discussing here is crude 
mplayer, not the mplayer-gui. i don't think the mplayer manual covers that 
front-end. but this is why nobody of us thought about telling you about it. 

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