[MPlayer-users] MPlayer not able to show all DVD subtitles

Joonas Koivunen joonas.koivunen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 16:40:20 CET 2005


I just bought this "Tears of the Sun" DVD, according to it's menu,
back cover and other dvd playing software, there are four subtitle
channels; finnish, swedish, danish and norwegian.

mplayer -v dvd://1 (1 is the title of the movie) is able to find 4
sids ok, but when the finnish one is selected, some else language
subtitles are shown, though I'm not sure which ones are those. And
none of those 3 other are finnish subtitles, so one of those must be 
displayed twice.

I've had this problem with other DVDs and mplayer.

I'm not sure if I remember correctly, that this might be a already
known problem, is it? Were there any work arounds? I tried searching
but couldn't find anything useful, in mplayer-users or


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