[MPlayer-users] compiling on FC4 ppc test

Bret Hughes bhughes at elevating.com
Sun Mar 20 07:02:17 CET 2005

On Sat, 2005-03-19 at 23:08, RC wrote:
> On 19 Mar 2005 22:48:00 -0600
> Bret Hughes <bhughes at elevating.com> wrote:
> > I
> > assumed that there was some motion compensation or some such stuff built
> > into chips that claim hardware decoding of mpeg2 and or mpeg4 files.  
> There is, but those features are only exploited if you are using a driver built to support it, such as xvmc.  "-vo xv" doesn't do anything like that.  It's merely an overlay, shared memory, and hardware scaling
> > I was hoping for something
> > similar on the mac since it is a well know chip (Radeon 9200) on a
> > faster processor and risc based to boot.
> Yes, there's surely something similar, but I wouldn't imagine "-vo xv" would work.  Maybe "-vo quartz" will work as well?  It doesn't seem there are many Mac users on this list, so I'm not sure you'll find any answers here.

Thanks for the response.  

-vo - quartz works on the osx side (still with an awful lot of cpu
usage) but this is in linux. I am working on trying to isolate a few
things and make sure I know what is happening before I send a post on a
different thread regarding performance.


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