[MPlayer-users] Re: [-] TV-recording with mencoder, "video-buffer full" (fwd)

Rainer Hantsch office at hantsch.co.at
Wed Mar 9 11:23:30 CET 2005

Hello, Matthias!

meanwhile I found out that pp=fd is causing all this black lines in highmotion
scenes and/or when the camera moves horizontally a little bit faster. In this
case all vertical contoures appear as when I would play interlaced, without

I tried to reduce the image size, but this helped nothing.

Then I chose pp=md again, and this horizontal lines vanished immediately. Also
the CPU load reduced to 70% average.

So I am actually back at my original settings, except that I do not have the
conflicting parameters for vbitrate or vqscale inside any more. I also
stripped a few other arguments which had no effect.

Besides: Which one (vqscale or vbitrate) was actually used all the time?

 On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, Rainer Hantsch wrote:
| | > | > -vop crop=$width:$height,denoise3d=8:6:6,pp=md \
| | > |
| | > | pp=md produces ugly looking 1x2 pixel blocks.
| | >
| | > Does it cause higher CPU load?
| |
| | Higher than what? The CPU load of pp=[md|fd|lb] is quite low, the CPU load
| | of "kendeint" is a bit higher.
| I switched now to pp=fd. Seems this changed the quality most. But I had to
| remove the aspect=4/3. When I use it, I loose the properties of the image.
| Now I will play around a bit with denoise3d options. I used 8:6:6, you
| suggested 7:5:9.
| Actually, I do not understand what it does. Can you explain, please?
| What I actually want is to loone not too much "sharpness" of the image. If
| denoise3d works as a "soft-filter", it should be used minimally.
| I attached four images out from a recorded TV snipped: test1.jpg ... test4.jpg
| and tried to keep them as small as possible (=jpg).
| As you can see, test1.jpg now has no varying red/orange horizontal bars any
| more .. it actually flips between red and orange from frame to frame... ?!
| But it looks still better.

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