[MPlayer-users] Mplayer compile problem with fedora 3

Stephen Webb swebb at netlab.uky.edu
Wed Mar 9 02:42:03 CET 2005

> I've been thinking about making an anti-FAQ. It will be full of really
> impressive command lines like:
> mencoder file.avi -ovc divx4 -vop lavcdeint,scale=720:480 -divx4opts\
> br=4:max_quant=1 -of avi -o \[3lIt3_r3l3asErZ\]_FILE_vry_hi_qual_READ_NFO.mp4
> This is suggested for old-school clueless newbies.
> More suggestions are welcome.

Sometimes the problem is that the user knows what result they want, but
doesn't understand the mechanism or interface and doesn't want to read to
figure it out.  They would rather just treat it as a black box -- not much
hope in helping them.

Other times the user does try to understand how to use the progs, but is
overwhelmed with the number of options, or has incomplete or inconsistent
information...At some point they might start treating mplayer/mencoder as
a black box too...But it's a big black box with lots of levers...

Those people you can help, hopefully.  Examples of what to do and what not
to do are all good and well, but the real value is in explaining *why*
certain command lines are good or evil...


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