[MPlayer-users] Converting avi to dvd

Alain Barthélemy cassandre at bartydeux.be
Sun Mar 6 09:55:51 CET 2005

Le samedi 05 mars 2005, 12:54:16 ou environ Rodrigo da Silva Guerra <tioguerra at gmail.com> a écrit:
> See:
> http://mightylegends.zapto.org/dvd/dvdauthor_howto.php
> This tutorial helped me a lot in the process from AVI files to burning a movie 
> DVD with menus so as to be played in normal DVD players.
> Basically the tutorial suggests something like this:
> transcode -i name-of-file.avi -y ffmpeg --export_prof dvd-pal --export_asr 2 
> -o name-of-file -D0 -s2 -name-of-file.ac3 -J modfps --export_fps 25
> This generates two separated files, one for movie and one for audio, which may 
> be combined in a single mpg later with something like:
> mplex -f8 -o name-of-file-dvd.mpg name-of-file.m2v name-of-file.ac3
> I wonder if mencoder doesn't have anything like "--export_prof dvd-pal" or 
> whatever. I have a camera which record movies in MP4 and now what I do is to 
> convert to AVI using mencoder and do the steps above using transcode. But in 
> order not to lose more data with more compression I put everything encoded as 
> raw in the AVI, and this make things slower and files bigger. But works
> Rodrigo da Silva Guerra
> PhD Student


I was glad to have a way to encode a DVD to be read in normal standalone
DVD reader but I have with the same instruction line written above.

[encode_ffmpeg] mpa codec not found !

[transcode]: warning (transcode.c) audio export module failed: init
[transcode] critical: failed to init encoder

transcode v0.6.14
Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 - Kernel 2.6.8-1-686-SMP

Did you have that problem too

transcode ... -x mplayer.mplayer ... failed too

I saw on this list there was a way to encode a DVD compatible mpeg file
with mencoder. I'll try too.

Alain Barthélemy
cassandre at bartydeux.be
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