[MPlayer-users] Converting avi to dvd

Rodrigo da Silva Guerra tioguerra at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 04:54:16 CET 2005

I found this thread interesting.

> encode2mpeg is what you need.

This tutorial helped me a lot in the process from AVI files to burning a movie 
DVD with menus so as to be played in normal DVD players.

Basically the tutorial suggests something like this:
transcode -i name-of-file.avi -y ffmpeg --export_prof dvd-pal --export_asr 2 
-o name-of-file -D0 -s2 -name-of-file.ac3 -J modfps --export_fps 25

This generates two separated files, one for movie and one for audio, which may 
be combined in a single mpg later with something like:
mplex -f8 -o name-of-file-dvd.mpg name-of-file.m2v name-of-file.ac3

I wonder if mencoder doesn't have anything like "--export_prof dvd-pal" or 
whatever. I have a camera which record movies in MP4 and now what I do is to 
convert to AVI using mencoder and do the steps above using transcode. But in 
order not to lose more data with more compression I put everything encoded as 
raw in the AVI, and this make things slower and files bigger. But works

Rodrigo da Silva Guerra
PhD Student

Department of Adaptive Machines and Systems
School of Engineering
Osaka University - Japan

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