[MPlayer-users] Trying to trim off the beginning of a *.VOB file.

Matthew Mott matmott at btinternet.com
Sun Jan 30 21:07:41 CET 2005

mplayerhq.hu at jamesplace.net wrote:
> When I try:
>    mplayer dvd://1 -chapter 26 -ss 59 -dvd-device /movie
> It starts playing exactly where I'd like it to, everything works great.
> However, when I try:
>    mplayer dvd://1 -chapter 26 -ss 59 -dvd-device /video -dumpstream -dumpfile
> Trimmed.vob
> It always starts at the beginning of chapter 26 not at the 59-second offset
> into that chapter.
> Am I doing something wrong?

I don't think so - the dumpstream option always seems to start from the
beginning of the stream and ignores any -ss option given.

> Is there a better way to accomplish this?

I think you can do it with transcode in passthrough mode, but when I
have tried this the AC3 audio is broken and unrecognisable, presumably
because important header information has been lost.

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