[MPlayer-users] Problems with the external skin and having no audio

Wayne Williams ctt1wbw at cox.net
Sun Jan 30 16:24:44 CET 2005

Oh man, I've been working on this for two weeks trying to get audio from
MPlayer.  I can't get it working at all.  The only way, and there is
only one way for me to get audio with MPLayer, is to right click on a
file and chose "Open with MPlayer".  I get audio and video just fine
that way, but the external control dock doesn't show up so I can control
the movie.  But it works that way.  If I launch MPLayer from Gnome or
from the root terminal, the dock shows up and I can't get audio.  I have
erased and downloaded/compiled/installed MPlayer, ALL the codecs, fonts
and skins about 10 times now, and still can't get audio.  I install the
codecs first, like the instructions say.

I'm working with someone on Mandrake User forums, even though I'm using
Ubuntu.  He's been great helping me so far.  The thread is three pages
long and I've pasted all my error messages on there.  It's here:


I know it's a long read, but I would really appreciate any help.  This
is driving me insane because I can't figure this out at all.


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