[MPlayer-users] XV display too wide

ZoMBiE evilzombie at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 17:40:12 CET 2005

On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 11:01:01 -0500, Preston A. Elder <prez at goth.net> wrote:
> One other thing I just noticed comparing 'x11' and 'xv' - when I play it
> with 'x11', the beginning MPAA rating warning for the trailer I was
> playing in the example I pasted (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
> trailer, if you care) has a green background.  When I play it with 'xv'
> as the output, the background is a pink/purple colour - and it looks
> like the colours are off like that for the entire clip.  Though some
> colours are not effected.
> PreZ :)

well that screen (MPAA warning) is certianly supposed to be green,
there's something amiss with your XV, personally I have nfi what, but
something is definately wrong there.


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