[MPlayer-users] strange sound problem with mpeg2 files

Giacomo Comes comes at naic.edu
Tue Jan 11 14:50:06 CET 2005

On Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 11:54:56PM +0000, Jim Darby wrote:
> > This is a problem with Suse's gcc and mp3lib. I think it's there since
> > Suse 9.0. Previous version of Suse didn't have the problem, but
> > I'm not 100% sure. By the way the problem appears only if you play mp2 audio.
> > With mp3 audio mp3lib works fine.
> > To solve the problem you can use ffmpeg or mad (-ac mad) if you have it.
> Just to add that I too had this problem with Mandrake 10.0. The problem
> vanished with Mandrake 10.1 (different GCC).
> What GCC are you running on your Suse system?

gcc version 3.3.1 (SuSE Linux)
SuSE 9.0
It's not plain gcc 3.3.1, SuSE added many patches.
The problem still exist with SuSE 9.1

In the near future I will upgrade to SuSE 9.2
but I suspect the problem will not disappear
because in 9.2 gcc is still 3.3.x.


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