[MPlayer-users] Capture from ALSA bt87x device

Stephen Leedle ml at secondimpact.de
Fri Jan 7 23:54:22 CET 2005


I am trying something "uncommon"(?).

I got a Hauppauge BTTV 8xx capture card, and I spent a lot of money to get  
one with this chip that lets You capture audio from a DSP device (e.g.  
(Normal/Other capture cards require a loop through cable from the TV card  
to the soundcard which does the DSP stuff.)

Therefor I loaded in Kernel 2.4.x the OSS btaudio module (which made nasty  
noises because of a buffer related problem (I talked to Gerd Knorr about  
this)) and with the preferred 2.6.x kernel the ALSA module bt87x.

So, these things are working on my system:
  - Capture from a /dev/video device
  - Grabbing audio with "# sox -t ossdsp /dev/dsp1 -t ossdsp /dev/dsp0",  
getting the proper audio data

This is what does _not_ function:
  - Getting MPlayer in TV mode get the audio
  - Getting MEncoder in grabbing mode get the audio.

I should use following commands/options to get the sound grabbed,  
(shouldn't I?):

# mplayer tv://E10 -tv  

or, if I wanted to grab thru ALSA device node I should add following:

# ... :alsa:adevice=XYZ

I tried to figure out how I have to call the device (what to put in place  
of "XYZ") but I had no success to find. (Or I didn't understand, "/me  

Can anybody assist in this case? Would be happy, and as far as I can tell,  
others would be to (searched thru this ML's archive).

- Stephen

Rich people have precise clocks. Wise people have time.

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