[MPlayer-users] rm's in playlist

Peter Buchmann peter.buchmann at gmx.net
Sun Jan 9 15:23:41 CET 2005

Hi there,

i have a small problem. mplayer doesnt show the video of rm's in playlists.
i can see that it works. i can hear the audio and i can navigate in the
video as usual, but the window with the video doesnt show,
except if the rm-file is the first file in the playlist.

this is what i do:

cd folder-with-videos
ls > pl
mplayer -playlist pl

pl looks like this:


now what happens is that the first rm-file 1.rm is played as usual, but
no other rm-file is played after another video has been opened. (audio still

even when i start playing (with mplayer -playlist pl) and do > < for next and 
right back the first rm-file wont show anymore.

if i use mplayer 1.rm it plays just fine. any media plays perfectly. thats
why this bugs the crap outta me because i really love mplayer and this is a
feature i kinda need.

im open to any suggestions.
thx in advance

PS: I searched the archives, but didnt find anything. anyways: if it is an old
issue im sorry for bothering you.

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