[MPlayer-users] NOSPAM 3GPP supprort?

CrimeDog crimedog at wp.pl
Tue Jan 4 20:22:20 CET 2005

Dnia 03-01-2005, pon o godzinie 20:55 -0800, Trilok Soni napisał(a):

> This is correct. See that you have followed procedure
> on how to get "amr_nb" support in "libavcodec". I am
> planning to write one article on building various
> multimedia tools for TI OMAP 1710 H3. _or_ just wait
> for one day and I will post detailed procedure. (only
> for mplayer-3gp support). 

Thanks for your reply, but recompiling is not goof way for me. Of course
I know how to do this - about a year ago I was compiling mplayer with
all features very often, but now I prefer binary DEBs ;-) Maybe I'm
getting lazy :-P
I'll wait  for next release with this feature, or I'll simple be able to
see video only.

PS. Anyone know something about future of mplayer G2 - I heard that Arpi
is back!?

With kindest regards:
Konrad Materka

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