[MPlayer-users] mplayer acting very slow with -mixer-channel, gmplayer is even worse

Sebastian sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Fri Feb 18 02:28:31 CET 2005

Sebastian schrieb:
> Hello!
> I have a soundcard which doesn't have a mixer channel called PCM or 
> Master. It has an out for phones that I want to control. The mixer 
> channel is called 'Speaker 1" in alsamixer. So I can start mplayer with 
> -mixer-channel Speaker,1 and mplayer accepts it.
> But while watching a video controlling volume with the 0 and 9 key not 
> only changes the volume, but also produces stuttering/slowdown in the 
> picture and volume changes happen annoyingly slow. In alsamixer volume 
> control works fast. In other apps like xmms it's fast, too.
> Using gmplayer it becomes even worse. Right from the start audio/video 
> are out of sync. While audio runs at normal pace the video is slow 
> motion. After a few seconds I get the message that my computer is too 
> slow to play this, which is clearly not the case.
> I suspect this is a problem in the code...
> Everything of ALSA installed on my computer is of version 1.08. I use 
> kernel 2.6.10 but alsa support is disabled and the alsa-drivers 1.08 are 
> installed. mplayer is 1.0pre6.
> Appreciate any help!
> Sebastian
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Hello all!

I'd like to add that I tried mplayer CVS to check if my problem has 
already been fixed, but apparently it's still there :(

Please help :)


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