[MPlayer-users] mplayer acting very slow with -mixer-channel, gmplayer is even worse

Sebastian sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Thu Feb 17 10:16:48 CET 2005


I have a soundcard which doesn't have a mixer channel called PCM or 
Master. It has an out for phones that I want to control. The mixer 
channel is called 'Speaker 1" in alsamixer. So I can start mplayer with 
-mixer-channel Speaker,1 and mplayer accepts it.

But while watching a video controlling volume with the 0 and 9 key not 
only changes the volume, but also produces stuttering/slowdown in the 
picture and volume changes happen annoyingly slow. In alsamixer volume 
control works fast. In other apps like xmms it's fast, too.

Using gmplayer it becomes even worse. Right from the start audio/video 
are out of sync. While audio runs at normal pace the video is slow 
motion. After a few seconds I get the message that my computer is too 
slow to play this, which is clearly not the case.

I suspect this is a problem in the code...

Everything of ALSA installed on my computer is of version 1.08. I use 
kernel 2.6.10 but alsa support is disabled and the alsa-drivers 1.08 are 
installed. mplayer is 1.0pre6.

Appreciate any help!


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