[MPlayer-users] sound problem with tv

Marian Dubiel marian-dubiel at gmx.de
Mon Feb 14 10:30:59 CET 2005

On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 08:54:49AM +0100, Dariusz Andziak wrote:
> If you play TV, default the voice will be played from sound card, via 
> connection TV-card-sound card.You have then "no sound" message if you 
> use console window.
> If you record by mencoder, the voice will be recorded from TV card 
> directly. You can set it up via option "immediatemode".
> Try to record and then to play recorded files (with -oac copy first).
> After I changed the sound card, it was all OK.

Hm, so mplayer/mencoder captures the sound from the tv-card. That would
explain why tvtime and mplayer have different sound qualities.
I have just put my old soundblaster live! in the computer. If I connect
the tv-card with my soundblaster and capture tv using mencoder It does
not capture sound from the tv-card but the soundblaster plays the sound,
so mencoder does not record sound (I tried both immidiate mode options).
I now have to play a little with the configuration of alsa and mplayer,
I think, I can solve this problem now. Thanks for your help.

Marian Dubiel

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