[MPlayer-users] sound problem with tv

Dariusz Andziak dandziak at kikom.pl
Mon Feb 14 08:54:49 CET 2005

I had similar problem.
You have to check, if there is a problem with Mplayer or with sound card 
If you play TV, default the voice will be played from sound card, via 
connection TV-card-sound card.You have then "no sound" message if you 
use console window.
If you record by mencoder, the voice will be recorded from TV card 
directly. You can set it up via option "immediatemode".
Try to record and then to play recorded files (with -oac copy first).
After I changed the sound card, it was all OK.
dandziak at kikom.pl
Marian Dubiel napisał(a):

>I hope you can help me. I want to watch tv using mplayer. I have a bt878
>based tv-card which is connected to the audio input of my soundcard
>(nForce2 sound chip) and I use alsa for it.
>If I use 'tvtime' for watching tv it goes all well, but with mplayer I
>have some trouble with the sound. At high frequencies for example sharp
>'s' or 'z' in human voices (like in 'three') the sound gets overdriven
>and scratchy. I don't now how to solve it. I wanted to use the -af
>equalizer option to lower high frequencies, but the equalizer does not
>work at all (and I don't even know, if the equalizer would solve my
>problem). I also tried -af volnorm, but it was useless, too.
>The soundoptions in -tv also don't have any effect. I don't know, if it
>is important, but I have to use the -tv immediatemode option (it does
>matter if I'm using immediatmode=0 or =1, but if I don't use this
>I don't have any sound at all). So I don't have any idea how to solve
>this problem, maybe you can.
>Marian Dubiel
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