[MPlayer-users] Fast motion video in low bitrate - with cmp?

CrimeDog crimedog at wp.pl
Fri Feb 11 17:38:37 CET 2005

Dnia 11-02-2005, pią o godzinie 17:26 +0100, Alexey napisał(a):
> xvid ignores(!) the bitrate in first pass so you have to do a 2pass
> encoding. If you want your video to become 700MB then you simply set
> bitrate=-700000 and thats it.
> But you should also take care of the KB->MB  conversion. 1MB is 1024 KB
> so 700MB would be 716800KB but I dont know what the exact size of CDs
> is. oh and of course I need to substract the audiosize and the overhead
> of the container from this value. You need to find out the size of the
> overhead of AVI (i dont know it) and pass it on to xvid (there is an
> option for that) so that xvid calculates the birate with regards of the
> overhead.

I've just done some test on small files and now I understand how
negative bitrate works. Encoding started, but.. of course I forgot about
audio! Agrr.

Thanks again. I think I cope with this :)

PS. AVI index for 700 MB CD is something about 15 MB, overhead per frame
is 24 (from manual "default: 24 - AVI average overhead").

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