[MPlayer-users] Fast motion video in low bitrate - with cmp?

Alexey com at nforum.de
Fri Feb 11 17:26:11 CET 2005

xvid ignores(!) the bitrate in first pass so you have to do a 2pass
encoding. If you want your video to become 700MB then you simply set
bitrate=-700000 and thats it.

But you should also take care of the KB->MB  conversion. 1MB is 1024 KB
so 700MB would be 716800KB but I dont know what the exact size of CDs
is. oh and of course I need to substract the audiosize and the overhead
of the container from this value. You need to find out the size of the
overhead of AVI (i dont know it) and pass it on to xvid (there is an
option for that) so that xvid calculates the birate with regards of the

On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 17:06 +0100, CrimeDog wrote:
> Dnia 11-02-2005, pią o godzinie 15:58 +0100, Alexey napisał(a):
> > You can have much better quality with two-pass-encoding. That means you
> > have to encoode the video two times with EXACTLY the same settings
> > except that first pass=1 and the second time pass=2. Also I would rather
> > use a static target size and not a static bitrate. You just have to
> > enter the bitrate as a negative value and this will be considered as
> > target size in KB. If you have even more time you can try the gmc option
> > (global motion compensation) especialy with amateur shooting it can help
> > a lot
> I am using too pass encoding, but:
> * with lavc it doesn't improve quality as much as they promised
> * while using this option:
> -xvidencopts pass=1:bitrate=922:vhq=4:me_quality=6:trellis
> i get bitrate like 4000 and higher. I have to remove some date from
> hardisk to save it ;-(
> * How to use negative bitrate? If I want to fit whole DVD on one CD,
> should I use -1*702*1024 bitrate?
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