[MPlayer-users] Mplayer broke all other apps integration.

Larry larrywyb at widgeteye.homeip.net
Wed Feb 9 19:00:10 CET 2005

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 11:43:37AM -0500, Tony Traugott wrote:

> Exiting... (error parsing cmdline)

What command line are you using???

First you say;

> Compiling from source fails as well. 

Then you say;
> make errors:
> ---------------------------------
> None

I don't believe that in the ten years I have been building
apps from source I have ever seen a compilation fail without 
a make error unless the failure actually happened within the
configuration process and the configuration wouldn't complete.
Is that where the failure is taking place? If so what are the
actual errors the configuration is giving you?

> Install errors:
> ---------------------------------
> EVERYTHING I try to play errors with the following;
> Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device. 

Have you tried different -vo options?

Basic options: (complete list in the man page)
 -vo <drv[:dev]>  select video output driver & device ('-vo help' for a
list) "

Just typing the word mplayer gives you a list of options you can use.

If the configuration and/or the make process is failing, give the
actual errors rather than a rant over some unrelated bunch of
mumbo jumbo. Maybe someone can help you then. 

<my own rant>
I have been using mplayer for several years and have never had it 
fail to configure and build, that is, unless there was something I
was doing wrong because I just didn't know what I was doing. Then 
I would come here and give the errors and ask the questions. I 
would also make it clear that I didn't understand either the process
or the man pages.   :)
As I am currently having a little trouble with. Note my question
on how to record certain segments of a movie.  <;)

But I sure as hell haven't come with an attitude, ranting and raving
about how many people are going to be pissed off. Let's not forget
that this software is being given to us, we are getting it gratis
and no one owes us anything in the way of help or advice or anything 
</my own rant>

Have a nice day.   :)

Smash it with a hammer!

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