[MPlayer-users] Is S-Video and external monitor limited by laptop's graphics card's max resolution.

Reshat Sabiq sabiq at csociety.org
Sat Aug 27 21:27:10 CEST 2005

Reshat Sabiq wrote:

> Reimar Döffinger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Sat, Aug 27, 2005 at 03:55:21AM -0500, Reshat Sabiq wrote:
>>> My question then is: how likely is a 15'' laptop w/ max resolution 
>>> of 1024x768 to be able to display DVDs using S-Video on an HDTV at 
>>> 1280x768   
>> I don't think S-Video can do HDTV at all, and I am even more certain
>> that none of the graphics cards support it (the resolution you set is
>> irrelevant, it will be downscaled to standard PAL/NTSC resolution for
>> TV-Out).
> Could you enlighten on what is the standard PAL/NTSC resolution for 
> TV-Out? Or at least is it in 4:3 aspect ratio, or some some other AR?
> Thanks.

Looks like it's all covered at:

So then i'm making the following conclusions (please correct me if i'm 
1. both 1024x768 max resolution laptop and 1280x768 one will have the 
same quality of playback via S-Video, and in fact resolutions are 
irrelevant, as Reimar said, and all modern resolutions would have the 
same playback.
2. a (DVD) stream played back on a computer monitor (VGA or LCD) from a 
computer will be higher quality than the same stream played back via 
S-Video, because more pixels will be used for rendering
3. a laptop with max resolution of 1024x768 would be able to play a wide 
screen DVD on a "16:9" VGA (e.g., at 1280x768)

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