[MPlayer-users] Feature proposal

oliver.henning at nextiraone.de oliver.henning at nextiraone.de
Thu Aug 25 17:51:16 CEST 2005

Hi there,
to use MPlayer as an external viewer for video processing, the following
functions need to be available via the slave interface:
- get_time_pos    position as time in 1/100th second precision
  [get_percent_pos is not precise enough as 1% of a long movie can mean
time resolution of 1 minute or more]
- get_playing       2== paused 1 == playing   0 == not playing
In addition to that, the following options should be available:
-yx   <value>  set height to <value> and scale width accordingly
(reverse of existing -xy option)
Does anyone know if these features are already in the making? I would
like to help with that (testing, or even implementation) as I really
need them.

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