[MPlayer-users] Getting started on apple

Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski dominik at rangers.eu.org
Sat Aug 20 19:32:50 CEST 2005

On Saturday, 20 August 2005 at 18:02, Kichigai Mentat wrote:
> Here's what you do:
> 1.) Download the MPlayer Source Code
> 2.) Open up the Terminal
> 3.) Decompress the archive (trust me, all Safari will do is add an  
> extra .tar on the end, it's not decompressed).
>      tar -xjvf <MPlayer File Here>
> 4.) Go into the MPlayer Source Directory
> Now, this is where things get interesting. If you used Fink to  
> install things such as Vorbis libraries, or Lame, then things get a  
> little more complex if you want to include them.
> 5.) Run ./configure
> If you used fink, then you add commands such as --with-vorbis-prefix=/ 
> sw or something like that. Just run ./configure --help and look  
> through that. If you need additional help...
> 6.) Run make
> Hopefully, that shouldn't die on you. Unfortunately, I'm currently  
> grappling with a problem of my own in this phase, so I can't make  
> guarantees.
> 7.) Change to root (You MUST have Root Access enabled in the Security  
> Menu under System Preferences)
> 8.) run make install
> 9.) Switch back to your normal account
> 10.) Enjoy

Which is what you do on any un*x-like OS. It might be useful to highlight
the MacOS-specific issues to be aware of, like enabling root access or the
prefix for fink packages, but the rest of the process is pretty generic.
Care to make a contribution to MPlayer docs?


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