[MPlayer-users] Mplayer for Mac vs. MplayerOSX

Kichigai Mentat kichigai at comcast.net
Sat Aug 20 05:07:19 CEST 2005

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Well, here's a few words from a Mac user.

On Aug 17, 2005, at 21.24, Robert Kennedy wrote:

> Thanks for the post.  Yes, it looks like the development has moved  
> over to the main mplayer website.  I will download the .dmg image  
> file from the www.mplayerhq.hu website.  I am not whether this .dmg  
> image file only contains source code or whether it also contains a  
> binary.  If it has a binary, will it run under Tiger?
Alright, actually there are about four or five disk images avaialble  
on the MplayerOSX page.
First is the MPlayer/MEncoder binaries. Second is the MPlayer  
graphical front-end made for Cocoa. Third is an interface for  
MEncoder. And *any* Mac binary should work with Tiger.
> It also looke like the Mac version may not support as many codecs.   
> Does anyone know whether mplayer for the Mac will play Windows  
> Media Player 9 files?
Hells no. No version of MPlayer can play WMV/A9 yet, as far as I'm  
aware. And don't even ask about DRM'd files.
> Rob
>> On Thursday 18 August 2005 03:54, Robert Kennedy wrote:
>> > I would like to install mplayer on my Mac running Tiger.  It  
>> looks like
>> > there are two options.  mplayer for the mac on www.mplayerhq.hu or
>> > mplayerOSX at sourceforge.net.
>> >
>> > Why are there two mplayers for the Mac?  Is one better than the  
>> other?
MPlayerOSX is just precompiled binaries of MPlayer and a graphical  
interface for it. MPlayer is the project itself. Essentially, it's  
the same project. However, there are differences. MPlayerOSX is a  
little out of date, in my opinion. And since it's binaries, it lacks  
the ability to be custom-made for your use. So, in my opinion,  
compiling from source is a better option since it's
1.) Virtually guaranteed to be up-to-date
2.) Allows you to add in extra features (LAME support, x264, Vorbis,  
etc.) if you want them
>> >
>> > Which one should I use?  (The mplayer on www.mplayerhq.hu looks  
>> like a
>> > newer version).
Depends. Do you know how to compile source code? Are you willing to  
launch the Terminal *every* time you want to watch a video in  
MPlayer? If so, I definitely recommend compiling from source. And  
since you mentioned Tiger above, I'm assuming you're using Tiger. In  
that case, get the CVS version of MPlayer (instructions at the  
MPlayer download page (http://www.mplayerhq.hu) and use that, since  
it has compatibility with GCC4 and AltiVec (not sure if the release  
version has AltiVec support or not).

And if you use Fink, make sure you add options onto the configure  
program to tell it where to find all your fink-installed packages are.
>> I'm not a Mac user, but I noticed a few things when I viewed that
>> sourceforge site:
>> 1. It says: MPLAYEROSX source is now on http://www.mplayerhq.hu
>> because we have enough free time to improve mplayerosx......
That's probably the XCode projects for the Cocoa applications that  
are the front-ends for MPlayer. Perhaps links to the MPlayer source  
code they used for MplayerOSX.
>> 2. To show how postprocessing reduced artifacts, they used JPEG  
>> compressed
>> images, introducing new artifacts along the way.
Yes, that's just inexcusable, especially when there are lossless  
formats like PNG.
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