[MPlayer-users] BUG: sstep is broken

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 22:16:47 CEST 2005


On 8/12/05, Pavlos Mavridis <stud1313 at di.uoa.gr> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm using mplayer with the -sstep option to create video thumbnails and
> I have some problems. When the player reaches the last frame strange
> things happen.
> In most cases I get repeatedly the following warning
> [mpeg4 @ 0x8480348]warning: first frame is no keyframe
> and the last frame/thumbnail keeps replicated until I manually close the
> player.
> In some other cases I don't get output at all until the playback reaches
> the last frame, which keeps replicated until I exit the player.
> To replicate the above behavior just try the following with any avi/wmv
> mplayer -sstep 100 foobar.avi
> Interestingly, mpg files seems to work correcly.
> Thanks
> Pavlos
> ps. keep me in the cc because I'm not subscribed on the list.

Please check with current CVS and maybe also with Pre7. Next time,
make sure your read the HTML docs about how to properly report a bug
report, please.


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