[MPlayer-users] DVD reading issues

Alexander Roalter roalter at cs.tum.edu
Wed Aug 10 11:48:13 CEST 2005

I recently came across the DVDs for Seinfeld Season 4. On the 2nd Disc, 
there is a problem with playing titles 2 and 6, the drive hangs and 
sometimes even freezes the system completely (with mplayer running in 
fullscreen). The drive is an atapi DVD drive, but is connected via the 
ide-scsi interface (i have a 2.4.19-Kernel and a CD-Burner, that's the 
reason). Still using the Drive in IDE mode (with ide-cd Module) still 
brings the same error, dmesg shows reading errors on some sectors 
(around 2000000 for title 2, around 115000000 for title 6).
No use in a new kernel, since at my brother's computer with a different 
drive and a 2.6.11-Kernel (or something like it) and ide-cd module the 
same errors occur.

Playing the whole thing under Windows is not a problem, though.

I'm trying to exchange the disc directly at the local Sony office, and 
hope they'll do the exchange, but why is there such a difference how 
windows handles this and how the linux driver does the access.

This still might be the wrong forum...


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