[MPlayer-users] adding files to mplayer playtree

Jenwen jenwen at iii.org.tw
Wed Aug 10 04:07:32 CEST 2005

Hi, There, 
The playlist of mplayer would not be inserted/added while running, I think.
I am writing a Jukebox front-end separated to mplayer. The jukebox needs to
know the ending of current mplayer playback so that it can start next
playback. How to know mplayer finish the video playback? 
To detect the ending of mplayer windows instance?  
Or there are some feedback/message happened when mplayer finishes the
Look forward to Vinay Reddy's programs.
BR, Jenwen

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> Hi masters ,
> How can i add files to the running mplayer playlist
> tree ?
You can use an mplayer front-end. 

I have just finished writing an mplayer front-end which has a playlist
and media lib (similar to win amp's). I have to put it up online.

Vinay Reddy

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