[MPlayer-users] Making DVD with MPlayer - problems :( /quite long/

Krzysiek waand at poczta.fm
Wed Aug 10 00:42:37 CEST 2005

I was very happy when I read that starting from MPlayer1.0pre7 it is 
possible to encode MPG files which can be used later for dvdauthor.
I whant to make some DVD with videos of my family:
$ mencoder ilona.avi -vf scale=720:576 -ovc lavc -oac lavc -of mpeg 
-mpegotps format=dvd -srate 48000 -o ilona.mpg

when I burn DVD (dvdauthor->growisofs) nd put it into DVDPlayer I have 
found some strange artefacts (green squares) during playback :(

I decide to try another way...via mpeg2enc I wrote a script:
mkfifo stream.yuv
mplayer -vf scale=720:576  -vo yuv4mpeg -ao pcm:file=snd.wav ilona.avi&
mpeg2enc -v 0 -f 8 -o video.m2v < stream.yuv
rm stream.yuv
toolame -e -s 48 -p 2 -b 224 snd.wav audio.mp2
rm snd.wav
mplex -f 8 -S 0 -o output.mpg video.m2v audio.mp2

Whan I made DVD from this file an image was clear (without any artefacts).

Is that mean that MPlayer(mencoder) produce "wrong" MPG files?
When I read mpeg2enc manual pages I have found that "-f 8" option means 
that mpeg2enc add some special dummy navigations packets for 
dvdauthor... maybe "this is the key"??

Please let me know if anyone of you have tried to make DVD with MPlayer.
I will be grateful for any hints.


P.S. Sorry for my English :(

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