[MPlayer-users] what's the difference between these fonts

Alexander Roalter roalter at cs.tum.edu
Fri Apr 29 10:55:19 CEST 2005

Improving Improving wrote:
> i'm using arial-iso-8859-7 font, but seems this font cannot display western 
> characters correctly, for example, é, â, ù......., i was wondering what 
> advanced command line to type so that it could display western characters 
> correctly.

That's because - correcting what was said earlier - the name iso-8859-x 
stands for the codepage, where iso-8859-1 is the western european 
codepage (also called latin-1), which is identical to the unicode 
charset between 0 and 255.
iso-8859-2 is the central european codeset, which adds support for 
certain hungarian and czech characters, iso-8859-3 with support for 
turkish and most western european languages (but not all), iso-8859-4 
for scandinavian and baltic languages, iso-8859-5 is cyrillic, 
iso-8859-6 is arabic, iso-8859-7 contains greek characters, iso-8859-8 
hebrew, iso-8859-9 is again a dedicated turkish character set, latin-10 
is an extension to iso-8859-4 with support for greenlandic and inuit, 
iso-8859-15 is almost identical to iso-8859-1, but has the EURO-Sign, 
some caron letters, OE-lig and the umlaut-Y.

As for the blurring/rendering of these fonts i don't know. if they 
aren't form the same source, and some are implemented weaker, the 
blurring can go wrong, but I haven't tested that. I'm perfectly fine 
with my DVD subtitles, these are pictures and do not need to bother for 
character sets...


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