[MPlayer-users] nvidia and interlaced video (again)

Jason Tackaberry tack at sault.org
Thu Apr 28 21:31:03 CEST 2005

There has been a recent development on my hopeless quest to get
interlaced video not looking like crap on my nVidia GF440MX tv-out.

On a whim, I updated to the latest nvidia driver.  I hadn't updated
since last summer (since things were stable).  nVidia seems to have
changed how they do overscan.  If I set the resolution to 640x480 and
set the overscan slider using nvidia-settings to max (value of 25), it
APPEARS that the line sampling of video captured from my PVR250 is not
being butchered by the card before it makes it to my television.

I noticed this as I was watching CNN's scrolling marquee.  It actually
looked good once it got into sync.  MPlayer tends to jump in and out of
sync because there's no vsync with xv, but when it is by chance in sync,
it looks good.

Obviously the prerequisite to decent looking interlaced video is that
the card not resample the video before it outputs it to the tv.  I think
this might be ok now, with recent nvidia drivers.  The next step is
doing vsync.  I'm quite a bit out of my element in this area, so my
assumption might be out to lunch.  So I thought I would ask here and see
if anyone else has noticed this?  Does this open up any possibilities
for good tv-out on nvidia cards?


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