[MPlayer-users] Full Screen on OS X

Volker Eckert volkere at cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri Apr 22 12:20:55 CEST 2005

On 22. Apr 2005, at 13:20 Uhr, Kichigai Mentat wrote:
> compiled binary had was Quartz. It allowed for video to be played back 
> in full screen, after switching the screen resolution to the lowest 
> available (unless otherwise chosen by the user, me). However, the 
> custom compiled binary I have (Yes, runtime CPU detection is disabled) 
> does not offer this feature. I can't even change the full screen 
> resolution with MPlayer.
> Maybe I was wrong, perhaps it's using SDL for this, but then SDL would 
> have to be installed on my system, and as far as the MPlayer version I 
> compiled cares, SDL does not exist. Is there something I missed, or 
> did something change between versions?

well, don't know if i got you wrong, but 1.0pre7 plays in fullscreen 
mode with vo quartz on my g4 ibook (10.3.8)... i didn't switch screen 
resolution, though (if that's your point)



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