[MPlayer-users] Fullscreen Problem

Quag Mire wzbfglrs at lycos.com
Mon Apr 18 09:23:06 CEST 2005

I am running mplayer 1pre6 and when I use fullscreen mode the image will go black when I left-click on it rather than bringing up the gui interface.  The image comes back when I right-click.

This has been happening for a few versions now and I'm surprised that no one else seems to have experienced this (not that I could find anyhow).

I'm running Gentoo with 2.6.11r4 kernel, nvidia 1.0.6629 drivers, xorg 6.8.2 and am using the xv output driver.

Actually, I think this may have started happening back when some fullscreen bug fixes were made to mplayer.

There don't seem to be any error messages displayed at the terminal.

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