[MPlayer-users] starting video player at precise location in video file

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Mon Apr 18 08:31:12 CEST 2005

Heitzso wrote:

> I posted the question to both transcode and mplayer
> list re how to get mplayer/gmplayer (or any player for that
> matter) to position accurately in a mpg2 file using -ss. For some 
> reason, g/mplayer does this quite fine if you encode
> with the transcode dvtodvd.sh script that is posted on their site. I 
> don't have the time to sort out why my transcode/mplayer combo
> instead did the traditional overshoot, while the transcode
> dvtodvd.sh script that does mostly the same encoding works great.
> In case someone else wants to sort it out, my transcode/mplex
> combo that does not -ss accurately (with matrix.txt taken from
> transcode site):
>  transcode  -i x.dv -o x  -x dv,dv -y mpeg2enc,mp2enc   \
>        -N 0x50 -b 224  --export_prof dvd-ntsc \
>        -w 7500 --export_asr 2 --encode_fields b -j 0,8,0,8 \
>        -F '8,-c -q 6 -4 2 -2 1 -K file=matrix.txt -R 2'
>  mplex -v 0 -V -f 8 -o x.m2v x.mpa -o x.mpg

I guess thar this script generates an mpeg2 where:
- there are no timer wraparounds
- the bitrate information in the video ES is (quite) accurate

DVDs are almost never done this way.

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