[MPlayer-users] embedded subtitles in OGM files

mitch mon mitch074 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 5 19:19:17 CEST 2005

OK, I tried several methods to see where was the problem; mplayer was 
actually parsing the file correctly, however due to a combo of mistakes on 
my part - although I don't really understand where they came from - 
subtitles where just not decoded correctly and not shown (wrong character 
page and although compiled following the readme, file font package was not 
taken into account). Mea culpa on that part at least, I finally installed a 
working ttf font with a correct codepage.

On top of that, while all docs I could read said that Mplayer automatically 
loads subtitles by default, I found it to be false in the case of OGM 
embedded subtitles - but due to the aforementioned font problems, -sid had 
no effect, although it was actually working.

One fact remains: the GUI doens't allow to switch audio stream easily, and 
just doesn't allow loading an embedded subtitle at all. This can prove quite 
annoying when one wants to read several OGM files one after the other, since 
even the command-line interface requires retyping -sid and -aid plus the 
file name.
Would it be possible to at least load the 1st available subtitle stream when 
parsing an OGM file, and even better, clean up stream/audio tracks 
management in the GUI? That would help oh so much in such cases... I mean, 
Mplayer already automatically loads v1 and a1 streams when available, it 
shouldn't be so hard to load t1 as well...

I'm not adverse to command-line apps, but a working GUI is still nice to 

The files I make and those I downloaded used this kind of structure:

$ ogminfo /mnt/win_c2/backup\ DVDs/Cosmowarrior\ Zero\ -\ extra.ogm
(ogminfo.c) (v1/serial 0) fps: 25.000 width height: 696x480 codec: 
0x58564944 (XVID)
(ogminfo.c) (a1/serial 1) Vorbis audio (channels 2 rate 48000)
(ogminfo.c) (a2/serial 2) Vorbis audio (channels 2 rate 48000)
(ogminfo.c) (t1/serial 3) text/subtitle stream

Now that I finally got it working though, excuse me while I watch some anime 

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>To: "MPlayer usage questions, feature requests,  bug reports" 
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>Subject: Re: [MPlayer-users] embedded subtitles in OGM files
>Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 12:56:04 +0200
>>having problems with a set of OGM files I've made as backups for my DVDs. 
>>I usually mux them as follow: video (XVID), French (Vorbis), original 
>>version (Vorbis), french subtitles (SRT) using virtualdubmod
>I'm using ogmmerge[1] to mux Ogg Media files, I'm using similar components 
>(Czech audio, English audio, Czech SRT subs, English SRT subs) and never 
>had any  problems with mplayer. What does ogminfo say about your OGM file? 
>Compare ogminfo output with that of mplayer -v.
>[1] See http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/ogmtools/ogmmerge.1.html
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