[MPlayer-users] 23.976 or 24fps on NTSC DVD's?

Duane Evenson devenson at shaw.ca
Mon Sep 27 06:14:35 CEST 2004

Do NTSC DVD's store movies at 23.976 or 24fps?
I've read and seen that mplayer will print "demux_mpg:  24fps 
progressive NTSC content detected...",
but then when encoding, I'm supposed to use "-ofps 23.976". I realize 
we're talking about 1/10%, but what is correct?
I assume that mplayer can play almost any video's frame rate <= my 
monitor's refresh rate, so the final frame rate isn't important. I want 
to use the same frame rate as the DVD to reduce file size and 
unnecessary (and lossy) processing of frames.

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