[MPlayer-users] RealAudio live stream garbles after a%

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Mon Sep 27 02:14:35 CEST 2004

>Hi folks. I've been trying to track this one down for quite some time. I'm
>using MPlayer 1.0pre5 and trying to listen to a live RealAudio stream. The
>result is that it plays fine for a while, but eventually starts to garble.
>I've used two different MPlayer compiles (the mplayer-nogui unofficial .deb
>package, and a local compile), and I've played around with the -cache option
>a bit, but the results are always the same. The stream plays fine for a few
>minutes, then gets garbled.
>Now, this problem appears to be specific to a certain stream: I've tried two
>other live RA streams, and they appear to play fine indefinitely. The
>problem stream plays fine on the Windows RealPlayer. Could someone try
>playing this stream for me in MPlayer and see if you get the same issue?
>I couldn't get that to run direcctly on the command-line, I had to echo it
>to a file and use -playlist. My system is an old Toshiba laptop with 133MHz
>Pentium and 48MB RAM. If you need examples of my problem, check the
>following. In the first, the problem starts around the 3:45 mark. In the
>second, it starts almost immediately.
>The only command-line options I use besides -playlist are "-vc dummy -vo
>null". I'm using the OSS audio out. The laptop uses the OPL3SA2 driver.
>-David Murphy
>glibdud at hotmail.com


  I tried this stream, while I couldn't duplicate the garble, it did
  drop the stream completely while I was loading a fairly large web
  page. I'm inclined to think that was unrelated to your problem,
  although it *is* rare for me to have a stream quit completely.

  But I left it running for about 15 minutes or so with no problem. Have
  you tried the latest CVS and latest codecs? One other idea (although I
  don't know what this would have to do with it), have you tried it
  without the "-vc dummy -vo null"?

  I used to have a similar problem with the BBC's video (low bitrate)
  stream, not sure if it still goofs up on me or not.

  Hope some of this helps!


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