[MPlayer-users] Drag and drop stopped working

Alexandr Kara Alexandr.Kara at seznam.cz
Tue Sep 21 17:37:47 CEST 2004

I noticed that Drag'n'drop support for Gnome stopped working on my Fedora Core 
2 after I upgraded to mplayer-1.0pre4. The same problem was confirmed to me 
by Matthias Saou from freshrpms.net.
The problem didn't go away by installing previous versions of MPlayer. Now, 
even mplayer-1.0pre3, previous versions and the latest CVS snapshot ignore 
movie files/subtitles from Nautilus dropped on its window.
In the pretty much same time, the menu from right-click on the window stopped 
displaying labels that had accented characters (there is a blank line 
instead, english menu displays OK).

I suspect it might have been caused by a (automatic ?) library upgrade of gtk2 
My GTK2 version is 2.4.0, gnome-libs
Anybody having a clue?

Alexandr Kara

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