[MPlayer-users] SMPTE codes

Gary Shingles gary at 531pi.co.nz
Mon Sep 20 02:17:27 CEST 2004

Hi list

I am putting together a propsal for a rather large on-site 
multimedia installation and am convinced that Mplayer has all 
the right stuff for what I hope to achieve (scheduled video-
only playback on multiple screens).  I am familiar with the 
basics of digital video and automation systems (wrt audio) but 
have no idea when it comes to the large subject of SMPTE 

While I appreciate that this is not the forum for such 
discussion, I am interested in what Mplayer can do with respect 
to interpreting SMPTE codes in MPEG2 files or if anyone on the 
list can point me in the right direction for implementing this 
in the current version.

The idea is to use MPlayer on individual 'nodes' to play back 
scheduled video data but also to control a lighting display in 
the same unit.  I also have no clue about professional lighting 
(I will be working with someone on this) but it was mentioned 
to me that these codes are often used for this purpose with a 
commercial program.

I really want to use an Open Source solution for this 
installation as it fits with the community aspect of the 
project. So any help would be appreciated and of course I will 
help if I can with incorporating this into Mplayer.


Gary Shingles, Technical Services Manager
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